Greg Gordon is the founder of SermonIndex.net, which was established in 2002. Over 100 million audio sermons have been distributed freely all across the world. Literally, almost every country in the world has accessed this resource. Hundreds of volunteers have helped make this resource possible being an effort of the larger body of Christ.

The sermons from the website have been played on many radio stations, internet radio, TV broadcasts, and at live events. A local Christian radio station broadcasted live the SermonIndex.net Simulcast Conference in Atlanta along with over 30 Churches watching.

Greg has also been involved in organizing over 12 international historic revival conference events where thousands of lives were impacted. These conferences were in countries like: Wales, Ireland, Nepal, Canada, and the United States. Influential Christian leaders from many denominations came together in unity towards praying for revival and seeking God afresh together. From Anglican to Pentecostal, from Brethren to Baptist, thousands of believers came to these events with a heart to know God better and pray for His work in the world.

Greg is also the author of "The Following of Christ" a book on martyrdom and suffering. He was also involved in the Principles Volume which encouraged house churches to start in North America. This volume was distributed over 100,000 times in ebook form via Amazon Kindle and other formats. Many house churches have started through this effort. He has also written Uncompromising Faith and other books.

He is also a contributor to many online Christian news sites and periodicals: ChristianPost, HelloChristian, EvangelicalFocus, to name a few.

Having traveled to many countries and across North America to thousands of churches and ministries Greg has been bringing a message of radical Christian discipleship, revival and authenticity with Jesus Christ.  He is married with now 2 children and reside in Canada.

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